Our Vision

Cricketronics's vision is to revolutionize cricket experience, by creating an ecosystem that engages the fans, broadcasters, amateurs, coaches, and professionals through state-of-the-art smart products and technologies.

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Our Mission

Cricketronics aims to provide real-time analytics and data management capabilities for cricket. With the advent of data and technology into every sphere of our lives, we are now getting meaningful insights that are helping us improve nearly every process around us – Cricket is no exception!

  • Real-time Insights

    Leverages Advanced AI, Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities to create data models instantly

  • Data Analysis

    Real-time, data-driven predictions learns the play behavior of individual players which can be leveraged for predictive recommendations!

  • Sustainable innovation

    At the core of cricketing evolution we are trendsetting the solutions to take the game forward in the real interest of the sport and its people.

  • Ball Tracking

    Cricketronics will give you insights into the preferred areas of pitch for every bowler, given the pitch condition, batsmen and field placement!

  • Batting Analysis

    Deeper insights into batting technique using powerful biomechanics, our AI can analyze minute changes in stance and technique..

  • Fielding Analysis

    AI will recommend custom fielding positions based on an analysis on the bowler, batsmen and pitch conditions.

Our Services


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